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Angie grew up in this family. This congregation of believers is her home. After graduating from University of South Florida with a Bachelors in Elementary Education, Angie spent time teaching in public school. Eventually, she was able to stay home with her 2 children and homeschool them for 2 years. She decided to go back to work and taught 1st and 3rd grade at Foundation Christian Academy before coming to work at Bay Area Church of Christ full time as our Children’s Minister. Angie is passionate about bringing God’s love and the accounts in the Bible to children. She is also actively working to support parents in their efforts to raise children in Godly homes.


We hope you see Christ living in each one of us. In spite of our weaknesses and mistakes, Christ has changed us and continues his work in our lives, just as he did in first century Christians. You are welcome to join us in learning about him, his promises, and his power.


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