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Welcome To Bay Area Church of Christ!


We are thrilled to have you join us today!  Bay Area Church of Christ is special. Many first time visitors comment on a refreshing spirit of love as the fellowship continues long after the worship time is ended. The congregation is known for its friendliness, faith, diversity, and unity. We think this is the way it should be.

Bay Area is special in other ways, too. We study and discuss the Bible frequently. We have no creed but the Bible and do not report to any denomination, only to Christ himself, following the pattern provided in the New Testament. Our vision is to be the faithful church described on the pages of scripture, a group of devoted followers of Christ who obey him joyfully, love one another, help the less fortunate, defend the downtrodden, pray continually and share the good news of Christ with our neighbors next door and around the world.

We hope you see Christ living in each one of us. In spite of our weaknesses and mistakes, Christ has changed us and continues his work in our lives, just as he did in first century Christians. You are welcome to join us in learning about him, his promises, and his power.

Alex Gordon

Lead Pastor


Dianne Taylor

Director of Women's Ministry


Thomas williams

Lead Pastor


Eric Stone

Family Pastor


Jennifer Sorrell

Team Youth Director


Edna Doyle

Worship Arts Pastor


(813) 689-9620


3905 Orange Street

P.O. Box 1657 (for all mail)

Mango, FL 33550

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