2020 Sewa India Mission Report

What is Leprosy Sewa?

Leprosy Sewa means “leprosy mission” or literally “to be serving the Lepers.” Many people in India are affected by this pitiful disease. Once a person contracts leprosy, if the proper treatment is not taken immediately, the disease slowly takes over the entire body. Various organizations and individuals have established leprosy colonies. The lepers have established some colonies spontaneously. When these people had nowhere to go, they decided to create a colony of their own. Of course, regardless of who establishes the colony, lepers are expected to live on the outskirts of the city, just as Bible days.

If you are interested in helping to support India Missions or have questions, please contact Eric and Beulah McHale at (727)-546-3630 or email at tartinitrumpet@yahoo.com. You can also find more information at http://leprosysewa.org/

Watch and learn more about this ministry and how you can support India Missions:


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