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If you need some food, pick up a box on Sunday from noon to 1 pm at the side door of the Bay Area church building.  Thanks to the Pantry Ministry.

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NEWS FROM THE OFFICE--Update and Encouragement

Another week come and gone! I know for some right now, days seem to crawl by, but life and time itself fly by! It’s hard to believe that 2020 is practically half over. And for some of our parents out there, they are sitting in their homes wondering where the last 18 years have gone and how on earth did their baby become a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE!! SPEAKING OF GRADUATION……. 

ALL OF BAY AREA CONGREGATION remember that we plan to honor our 7 high school grads THIS SUNDAY EVENING, MAY 24TH, 5:00PM IN THE CHURCH PARKING LOT. And a celebration it will be! The grads will have their tables, there will be a slide show, DJ music, and a word from our elders followed by a GRADUATION PARADE! Please – I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the celebration AND SEE EACH OTHER! (Social distance will be in place please) Arrive by 5pm. Park in the parking lot. BRING LAWN CHAIRS IF YOU WISH TO SIT OUTSIDE YOUR CAR! FUN TIMES! OUR GRADUATES: Ryan Gonzalez, Jaydin Hughey, Devin Andrews, Keyerra Davi, Ashwandria Sanders, Samuel Trejo and Zach Hull. (Baskets will be available for cards or gifts) 

PRAYERFUL AND THANKFUL: We continue to pray specifically for some of our members who are dealing with special health needs at this time. I’m sure there are others that I am not aware of, so if you are aware of other health struggles, please let me know! 

GLEN HOWELL- He was scheduled to be released to go home today, but unfortunately not so. A big concern for him at the moment is dropping blood pressure when he stands. This morning that happened, but he actually passed out from it. He will remain in rehab until they can stabilize the situation. He and his family are obviously very disappointed. 

JEANNE & DUKE COVINGTON-Jeanne called the office this week to thank everyone so very much for the outpouring of love, meals, prayers etc. They are doing some better. 

PAT UNGERER- She is home after a few days in the hospital with pneumonia (no Covid thankfully!). She’s still having breathing difficulties and needs our prayers and encouragement! (cards would be great!). 

Remember George Cline’s sister, CHRIS PAYNE of Gainesville who fell at home this week and broke her ankle. 

Also continue to keep GARY LAMBRECHT in our prayers.


We urgently need to be praying for our India missionary, also brother to our Beulah McHale and Peter, JONAH SINGH. Jonah is very very ill with an auto immune disease (HIV). He lost his wife to the same disease several years ago from a bad blood transfusion. Jonah is also dad to 9-year old Joey. This is a very critical situation on many levels so keep them all in your prayers! 

MISSIONS: All of our mission fields continue to struggle with the pandemic – and in much bigger ways than we. All of our missions have shared the isolation, the harsh governments, the stay at home orders, limited power in some cases and ALL of them sharing the severe lack of food. I am so happy to share the good news with all of you that our elders , who still meet virtually every Sunday heard their cries, and partly due to the generosity of YOU – Bay Area – we will be sending extra support to both Indian missions and both Venezuelan missions to help them and families and children they serve with food and basic essentials! THANK YOU BAY AREA FOR THIS BLESSING! 

As an example – I was speaking with Yenis Mooradian; her mother is the Maracaibo Venezuela Missionary who feeds the children in the village. She was telling me that her mother was SO worried because the food is running out, the money is running out and she was so concerned for these families who have nothing to eat and no family jobs. Yenis shared with me that she had been talking with her mother, praying together, trying to comfort her and remind her that some way God will provide. IT WAS JUST DAYS AFTER THIS THAT THE ELDERS MET AND AGREED TO SEND THE EXTRA SUPPORT! Prayers ARE heard, prayers ARE answered, and WE SERVE AN AMAZING GOD! LET’S CELEBRATE! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jerry Bourguignon, Marie Mann, Cathy McIntosh, Charles Rivenbark, Sherrell Sanders 5/25, Peg Canaley, Dowayne Peterson 5/27, Syllissa Davis 5/28, Deb Baker, Chris Gonzalez 5/30. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Adrian & Kimmy Ravenel 5/25, Tom & Gina Thurman 5/27, Ernie & Jackie Hudson, Jerremy & Jen Shelton 5/28, (Jim & Linda Miltner 5/30 **51 YEARS MARRIED!**). 

Please be reminded that the office will be closed this Monday in observation of Memorial Day. 
And that’s about it for this week. As you heard our elder Bert Thomas express at worship last Sunday, the elders are prayerfully and carefully considering when it will be best for us to begin worshipping together once again. I know that we are all anxious to be together, and one day very soon that will happen, but until then, lets all stay positive, encouraging and continue to uplift one another and praise the God we serve! God Bless - Aloha

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