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Bay Area Groups provide a relaxed environment where you can build lifelong friendships!
Bay Area Groups provide a comfortable opportunity for you to grow spiritually no matter where you are now.
Bay Area Groups enable you to experience the joy of being a part of the Church Family.

What Is A Bay Area Group?

About 6-12 people who meet together in a home once a week with a cup of coffee, an open Bible and an open heart.

What do you do in a Bay Area Group?

Worship God’s Greatness
Enjoy the Fellowship of Others
Study God’s Message to Apply For Daily Living
Discuss God’s Work Around You & In You
and many, many other things that will serve to bring us much closer to Jesus Christ our Lord!

Small Groups provide an ideal environment for us to strengthen and encourage one another as we grow in Christ.

Our Bible studies and prayers help us keep our focus on God and our commitment to Serving Him and one another.

Our inviting of visitors keeps us looking for people with whom we can share the Gospel.

Our time spent with other Christians in Small Group meetings and ministry opens the door to spiritually rich relationships.

If you would like more information or need directions, please call the group contact number, or you can contact Jim Ingram, Deacon of Small Groups, at (813) 205-1260 or jaingram2000@yahoo.com for more information.


Sunday @ 6:00 PM. SUN CITY CENTER & APOLLO BEACH. Location: Darrel and Cherry Berry, 2213 Oakley Green Drive (Sun City Center). Leader: Darrel Berry. Contact Phone: 938-1680.

Sunday @ 5:00 PM. PLANT CITY. Location: Tim and Martha Stutzman, 8225 Todd Place. Leader: Tim Stutzman. Contact Phone: 785-4832.

Sunday @ 6:00 PM. VALRICO. Location: Mike and Karen Fanning, 3510 Grand Magnolia Place (Brandon). Leader: Mike Fanning. Contact Phone 486-0824.

Sunday @ 6:00 PM. DOVER. Location: Tom and Meredith Manley, 13310 Walden Sheffield Road (Dover). Leader: David Vaughn. Contact Phone: 685-1934 (Manleys).

Sunday @ 6:00 PM. MANGO. Location: Bay Area Church of Christ building (Mango)

Sunday @ 6:00 PM. MANGO. Youth Group Small Group.  Location: Bay Area Church of Christ building (upstairs in the teen room) Leader: Robby John

Monday @ 7:30 PM. EAST TAMPA. Location: Ronnie and Delbra McCullough, 6403 North 45th Street (Tampa). Leader: Ronnie McCullough. Contact Phone: 622-7936.

Friday @ 7:30 PM. TEMPLE TERRACE. Location: Jim and Charlene Ingram, 8202 Hardee Place (Temple Terrace). Leader: Jim Ingram. Contact Phone: 205-1260

Tuesday @ 10:00 AM. MANGO – Ladies Bible Study Class. Location: Bay Area Church of Christ building. Snacks and fellowship begin at 9:30 AM.

Tuesday @ 6:00 PM. MANGO. Tuesday Basketball.  Location: Bay Area Church of Christ Basketball Court Leader: Jeremy Shelton