The B.A.Y. (Bay Area Youth): Our Philosophy

The world is rapidly changing, with every tick of seconds turning into minutes. Changes are many and abrupt. To be relevant to our culture, we can’t dismiss their behavior, ideologies and feelings as being “all bad.”  We also cannot embrace every act of individualistic expression falsely labeled as a gift from God for essential spiritual and social freedoms. Our intention at the B.A.Y. is to redirect our efforts to disciple Youth. The goal is to begin with Scripture as the formative principle in breaking down the influence of the world, as we build disciples who multiply the influence, because they are truly walking, learning from and being transformed by Christ. This is a youth ministry that is led by the Spirit and guided into every situation with the reference and knowledge of scripture. We use programs as a means to an end but not the end in itself. We don’t simply desire to babysit your precious kids or keep them busy. We seek to engage them with the gospel that ushers in the power to save; the knowledge to address our toughest questions and lead us into a growing relationship with God. We are mission based. Every day is an opportunity for us to connect with each other and affirm our identity in Christ; to embrace the good in cultures around us and gracefully call persons made in the image of God, back to His wellspring of healing and purpose; to be real neighbors and spend time with our community in the worship of God and the work that leads to building a spiritually trusting community within the physical. We seek to love radically, endure transformation patiently and fully enjoy the blessing of being a child of God in the place where we live.

Please join us upstairs in the youth room at the following times:

Bible Study – Sunday morning at 10 am
Power Hour – Sunday evening from 6 pm to 7:30 pm
Wednesday night bible study from 7 pm to 8:30 pm

If you are interested in supporting our youth ministry or have questions, please contact Robby John, Youth Minister, at 813-689-9620 or email at


(813) 689-9620

3905 Orange Street

P.O. Box 1657 (for all mail)

Mango, FL 33550

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